Jan 13, 2011

On a rainy weekend...

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What a week? I started writing this post on Sunday evening, hoping to finish it of on Monday. But it just wasn't so. X-mas is most definably over, and everyday-life has caught up with the family. Which is not a bad thing, I just didn't see it coming.

But I didn't start this post to talk about being busy, I was honestly going to write about what to do with a two-year old on a very rainy-, icy- and snowy weekend.
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The weather did not present itself from mother nature's best, and our original plan to play in the snow seemed to rain away. Even the dog (Luna) was reluctant to go for a walk.

If you have of your own, you might know (or remember) how much energy such a tiny body can contain. And you might also imagine how this tiny body (and mind) reacts to being kept inside all day. Well, lets just say the parents had better prepare for a busy weekend.

Mom and dad took turns, playing with the jigsaw, playing with the trains, cars and the Duplo. Sunday morning we decided it was time to invite someone over for a cup of coffee/tea and cake. This was a big hit. Sebastian joined in on the action in the kitchen, and sure enjoyed eating the cake later (with some ice-cream ;). Having guests wore him out in the end, and was quite happy about the weekend when he went to bed Sunday night.
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