Jan 6, 2011

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: On a break

Finally, I'm getting some time to look at all of the photos I've taken the past month. And in away, me posting this to my blog; is me taking a break from the busy "everydaylife" I have.

I'm not complaining though, my life is mostly busy by choice. I might not be in control of absolutely everything going on, but most of it. And right now I thought it was about time to take a break from my studying.

Then what better to do than to check this weeks "challenge" from Everyday Life :) i thought. But to my disappointment, they're on a break....

For the challenge I have to pictures of my fireplace on fire. Where I live, winters are long and cold. And there is nothing like putting a log on the fire, grab a book or a magazine, sit down by the fire and enjoy something good to eat or drink. Sometimes all I do is sit by the fire and stare at the flames for a few moments, listening to the crackle, feeling the heat, observing the cold and wet winter storm outside.... That's my kind of break ;)

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