May 7, 2011

Visiting grandparents

I know I'm a bit late, but forgive me, family :) I've been busy going through a lot of shots from the past two weeks. And as I've been sorting them the FIFO way, it took a while to get to the shots from our Easter break.

We packed our bags and headed down south to Stavanger for a 5-day weekend/vacation.

The weather-gods were really nice to us, and gave us a first taste of "summer". Those of you who have (or have had) kids probably know how they get if the rain hits the window, and they start to get bored. But with the great weather, we had lots of stuff to do outdoors. We spent as much time as possible in the sun.

Sebastian was busy as ever, always running around, exploring the world as best he could. He barely had time to eat or sleep. But hey! That's what those rainy days are for :)

It's actually a wonder I was able to catch him in focus with the camera. But here are two shots for you, and for those of you have access to his album over at, there a few more.

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