Aug 1, 2010

A new dog in the family :)

I'm finally done cleaning out the old and bad pictures which have been steeling a lot of hard disk space on my computer. I know certain family members now expect me to upload all the new shots of Sebastian right away. But I will have to ask them to wait a little while longer.

The back log of pictures I have to go through is pretty huge, and it will take some time.

I have begun the process by dividing the photos into groups based on themes, people or events. And shall present them in manageable portions.

One of the smallest, and easiest groups was the "dogs collection". There used to be only one dog (Luna) in my collection, but now there is another one in the extended family.

Meet Zara, the Beagle. A very cute puppy, with a lot of spirit. She and Luna played non-stop for hours, only interrupted by us humans when we thought they needed the rest. Thumbs up for this puppy, which finally gave Luna some payback for all the times she has been taunting other dogs. This time Luna got a taste of her own medicine, as Zara never had enough play-time.

Ps: I am getting close to the Picasa limit again. So this time the photos are from my photo-site, and clicking on them will take you to the album in which they are uploaded. (8 in all, all at the beginning of the album).

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