Jul 30, 2010

Where to begin?

A 4 week vacation is almost at an end, and what a busy vacation it has been. We went traveling for two weeks, and in that time we visited auntie Nina and uncle Stein, been seeing the birthplace of one of my great grand mothers, visited Sebastian's great grand mother, been to Tusenfryd, visited some old friends and some relatives, spent several hours in the car, celebrated Sebastian's 2-year birthday and had Morfar and Nancy over for a 6 day visit.

It's all been really busy and "crazy". I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to speed, but I have allowed myself a tiny vacation from the blog as well. I can assure you my camera has not gotten much rest, and I will be happy to share my pictures with you as soon I have sorted them all out. But when I tried to download my photos, I realized how little disk space I had left on my computer. And I have to clean out some old photos first. It will probably take a few days until I complete the job, and can focus on developing the new photos and present them to you.

As an appetizer; Here is a great shot of a happy 2-year old I wanted to share with you.

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