May 14, 2010


Here he is, the "star" of our lives for the moment. Look at how excited he was when we took him to the annual "vårslippet" at Laguneparken on Thursday. Vårslippet is a gathering of old cars of many shapes and sizes.

Sebastian really did not know which way to turn, which "vrooom" to pay the most attention to.

He really gave mom and dad a great time, and we hope (and believe) he had a good time to. He's been talking about the two (actually three, but who's counting) "Mack's" since we left the fair.

For those of you who are not familiar with the world of a two year old: Mack is the name of a big truck in the movie Cars. And there were three really big (and shiny) trucks at the fair. His favorite!

Yes, pictures will follow.....

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