Jul 12, 2009

A second photo walk in Bergen

Friday a friend of mine an I brought our babies and cameras down town for a photo walk. It was my second trip in town for such a walk, and my friends first. It is a safe bet this isn't our last trip. Bergen is full of beautiful things to capture. On my previous trip I was looking for close-ups, this time I wanted to try to capture houses and other views. I also tried to capture some of the scenes from a different point of view wit alternative focal points.

First of all, I have to apologize to Charlie: The main feature photo of this post is a picture of a statue I told her wouldn't work because of the buildings in the frame. But as I took a second look on the picture it actually turned out as a good picture. It looks like she is stretching for the sky. This statue is close to hotel Admiral in Bergen, situated on the harbor with a great view over Bryggen.

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