Jul 10, 2009

Yesterdays catch!

The previous photo walk attempt was interrupted by a thunderstorm, but I am not giving up so easily. I decided to bring the camera along on the daily walk with Sebastian and Luna. And look what I found on the usually "boring" route. By boring, I think of it as the route we "always" take, and there is nothing special about it.

I was surprised at how different the route seemed when I was searching for things to shoot. just look at the bright red in these berries. And who knew i would see fishes in the little (almost dried out) "river" I pass every day. While i was looking for a good angle to picture the bridge, along came a butterfly which suddenly caught my attention.

Today is another day with new possibilities. I have a "date" with a friend of mine, and will try to take some pictures down town. I can't promise anything, but hopefully there will be something on the blog over the week-end :)

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