Mar 17, 2009

Slowly returning to "normal"

You can never really be prepared for things to come when you get a baby. We thought we had prepared ourselves, but we were fools to believe it. Having Sebastian has really turned our lives upside down for while, and I can't believe he turned 8 months just the other day. That is how fast time is going by now. But even if we feel we lost some "quality" time the first few months, we are really trying to make up for it now by enjoying every minute to the fullest. Sebastian is truly a "smiley". There aren't many minutes he isn't smiling, laughing or trying to talk to us (except for when he is put to bed, but that is a different story). To cheer me up while I'm away, at work, I have a picture of him smiling as a desktop background. So whenever I feel too much pressure at work I simply press "Windows+d" to clear away all windows, and there he is. Our little sunshine :)

You might have noticed there has been an increase of posts lately. I have even had some time to practice my hobby; photography. But these aren’t the only signs of improvements at home; It's tidier, my wife isn't as tired, Luna is happier, and we feel like we're getting back in charge of our lives (we're really not, but we're trying ;).

At the same time, there are those moments where I feel a bit sad. Like this week-end, when we packed away a bunch of clothes and his first "bed" which he has grown out of. He is not even a year old, and we already feel we're closing a chapter or two in his life. How strange is that? It all makes me very aware of how important it is to cherish the moment, and believe me, we really do.

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