Sep 18, 2010

What to do, on a rainy day....

It's cold, it's wet and it is getting dark. Mom and Sebastian is on a trip to Mormor's and has left dad "all alone" at home.

This is probably the first time in over a year I've had a weekend with my own thoughts, and no one to disturb them. I've said no to a few invites, as the sole intention of this weekend is to be a bit "bored" :)

This weekend is all about relaxing, and doing things I usually do not do. The BD/DVD player has been running almost non-stop, playing music or movies. It's not that I/we do not watch a good movie. But we usually always think about the volume, or the fact that we have to get up in the morning. And sometimes I/we wish it wasn't so. It's very relaxing not having to think about the responsibility for a few hours.

But I can't watch TV all the time, now can I? I wanted to take a walk with the camera, to see my neighborhood from a different angle. But the weather hasn't been playing along. Instead, I spent some time both in front and behind the camera, taking some self portraits.

It's never easy taking pictures of your self, but it was a fun experience. And it shall not be my last attempt. I didn't really like the pictures as they appeared in colors. But with a little help from Picasa, I've made three versions I'm fairly pleased with. One of them has been added as a background for the blog. It's not going to stay for ever, as I plan to replace it when i find another more suitable subject :)

PS Mommy: You can really look forward to your turn, about a month away ;)

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