Sep 19, 2010

Good to be back home?

I've never been in any doubt. Traveling is always fun, but getting back home is the best part of it.

The really interesting thing is seeing how the two year old already reacts in the same way. According to Mom, he was happy all the way. Flying was great, meeting Mormor was great, meeting Farmor, Farfar and Besta was also great. Finally, coming home was great. So how can I say he two year old reacts in the same way as I, when everything I just described was great?

Well, You should hear him sing at night, when he's been put to bed. He usually talks to himself for a while, but tonight it sounded like a party after I had closed the door and left him for the night. He sang for almost half an hour, and was quite the entertainment for mom and dad :)

Luna, who has enjoyed being alone with dad for the weekend, was also pleased with having the family gathered once again. Even though she always enjoy her time alone with dad, she is always a bit restless and anxious when someone is away. And she really never calms down the way she has now, on my lap, snoring heavily :)

(Ps: more photos of Jr. in his album at

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