Sep 20, 2010

A shortcut to mushrooms...

As previously mentioned; Mom took Sebastian on a trip to visit Mormor, and gave dad a weekend alone with his his own thoughts. Whether I spent it well or not is a question of priorities. I had a few goals for the weekend; relax, have good time and try to play around with my camera.

The weather kept me from going out on Friday and Saturday, and left me with more time for relaxing and having a good time. To some this might seem like a waste, but I saw the entire LOTR Extended edition over the weekend (yes, almost 12hrs of film). Not all in one go of-course, and some of it just as a background "noise" to other activities. But it was great just being able to do it :)

Sunday, however was a different story. If You study the photos You'll see non of them are taken in dry surroundings, but at least it didn't rain non-stop. So I brought Luna and my camera for a long walk at Myrdalsvannet before picking Sebastian and mom at the airport.

I would have spent more time on my photo safari if the weather had allowed for it, but all in all I found 2 hours in mother nature quite refreshing. And I did find a lot of beautiful mushrooms to capture. "A shortcut to mushrooms", is of-course a reference to a chapter in LOTR FOTR

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