Sep 25, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: Animals

Here she is; Luna - the second star of this blog. It's been a while since she has appeared here, all by herself. But when the theme for this week's "Every day Life" is "Animals", she immediately volunteered for a quick photo shoot :)

For those who do not know already; Luna is a three year old Wired-hair Dachs. She is full of life, and have quite a mind of her own (like all dachs's have).

She is just fabulous around Sebastian, and has turned out to be a "perfect" family dog for us. I could recommend getting a Dachs to anyone, but for one warning: Dachses are a strong minded breed, and they have a lot of instincts you need to cope with. You need to put a lot of work (and love) in their upbringing :) Just like kids, when I come to think about it.... But when you have done just that, their love and loyalty is heartfelt and really rewarding :)

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