Aug 9, 2010


Sebastian was only 11 month old when he last saw his Morfar in flesh and blood. But we've been showing pictures of him and "Nanice" (Sebastian's name for Nancy), and we have been talking to each other over Skype (wonderful technology for families who lives far apart).

Still, we were a bit curious on how he would react to Morfar when he and Nancy came to visit. It took Sebastian 2 seconds to jump up and down and scream "Morfar! Morfar!" when he saw them in the window (still waiting for luggage in the international arrival hall).

He was a bit more reserved, and hid behind our legs, when he actually got to touch Morfar. One thing was seeing him behind glass (not to different from looking on a screen I guess), but another thing was seeing and touching him.....

It didn't take long though. Sebastian soon showed them all the wonderful toys and books he had. And wanted them to join in on the fun on the floor. Poor Morfar and Nancy didn't get much time to recover from jet-lag. Not on the fist day, anyhow.

They all seemed to enjoy each others company for the week they stayed. And the day after they had left, Sebastien walked up to me and asked: "Morfar nana?" (As in: is Morfar still sleeping). I said "No, Morfar and Nancy have gone home." He seemed a bit sad at the fact, but soon brightened when I continued: "'ll soon see them on skype again. And to kill some time, why don't you play with the great train-set they gave you."

Photos from the visit is now uploaded to Sebastian's album. And this concludes the collection of photos from this year's summer vacation.

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