Aug 8, 2010


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Sebastian has found a new passion this summer. And the passion is "Thomas the tank engine". I remember the series was around when I was younger too. But I was probably a bit to old to get really fascinated by it. Sebastian, on the other hand, is totally in to it. He knows all the names of the main characters, and refuses to go to bed without at least one of them present in the room.

Sooo, imagine the outburst of joy, when we brought him down to the stop right down the hill from here. And around the bend came this old thing. huffing and puffing on steam. He was beside himself with joy. And this was only the beginning. Sebastian, Mom, Morfar and "Nanic" (Sebastian's name for Nancy) all got on board and went for a ride. Probably the ride of his life so far. According to mom he could not stand still when the train pulled out of the "station".

This train runs every Sunday, all summer long. It is run by Norsk Jernbane Klubb. A real treat and a nice trip if you would like to see how things were run before it all got electrical :)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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