Aug 10, 2010

Final update of photos...

Just as I have completed downloading, processing, uploading and blogging about the vacation and all the pictures I took, I had a hard look at the camera and realized it had been almost two weeks since I emptied the CF card in it.

It was as I had feared. As busy as I've been, I have had time to take more pictures. But obviously forgotten all about them :)

Well, here is a final update of my summer photos. Sebastian and his Ice-cream is a must (check out the smile). But here are also a shot of Farfar (My dad), Mirja and some more roses, of course.

The reason why I am shooting so many roses this year, is that next year, I will only have half as many roses to shoot. The roses are giving way to our project in the garden this fall. Have no fear; No rose will be harmed, they will be adopted the next few weeks.

PS: Observe the power of Canon's cheapest lens: The 1.8 50mm. When used correct, it can truly produce great photos. Where the subject is crisp and clear, and the rest is a blur. I've only had it for about two weeks, and I'm just about to try different setting. But I already see an improvement in some of my testing :)

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