Aug 31, 2010

Having a great weekend

My idea of a great weekend has seriously changed the past three years. It used to be to get to sleep in for hours, have a very late breakfast/lunch, do as little as possible and then maybe have some fun with friends in the evening (like playing RPG until 4 am at night ;).

18 months year ago a great weekend was if we got to sleep at all.....

Now we're back into the sleeping in again. Having grandparents and other family members is often a part of the "getting to sleep in", but not always.

This weekend was one of the luxurious ones. Both Auntie and Mormor came to visit us (Auntie to surprise Mormor for a belated birthday celebration), and they took turns on taking care of Sebastian in the morning. Mom and dad got to sleep in, and had babysitters for the great a-ha concert on Saturday.

Sunday we went for a walk at Gamlehaugen, not too far from where we live. A great place to be for families and their pets (dogs mostly). There are great lawns where children can run and play, and even a tiny spot by the waterside for those who want to take a swim or just relax by the water-side.

We must have been really lucky this Sunday. We had a great day in the park, and enjoyed a few sun-rays between the clouds. On our way home, a few raindrops fell on the window. But as soon as we got home, it really pored with rain (I suspect a post on this coming shortly). The rest of the was spent indoors. But who cares about the rain outdoors, when Mr. Sunshine is in the house.

It should not come as a shock when I tell you Jr. fell asleep in very short time this evening. Having Mormor and Auntie for entertainment is really hard work.

A few photos from this weekend has been uploaded to Sebastian's album, but here are two for you to enjoy :)

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