Aug 25, 2010

Finally; A trip under water :)

A friend of mine was finally able to lure me into the water again. I certified as a an open water diver (advanced) three years ago. And for the first year or so, I was fairly active in the water. But after Sebastian was born, I think I have a total of 5 dives (in two years!!)

I know this might sound like an excuse, but it really isn't. I've just been prioritizing other things (things like this blog and my hobby; photography to name a few). It is no secret that this priority has been an easy one to make. It has allowed me to spend as much time close to home as possible. A diving trip might easily take 4-6 hours (including filling up air, getting out, getting dressed, the actual dive and getting back home) since you might have to drive for a while to get to a good dive-site.

Anyhow; It was really great to get back into the sea. We saw lobsters, crabs, a lot of fish and scallops. Only laziness prevented us from bringing home crabs for dinner (It was to late in the evening to begin cooking, once we got back home). Since I'm not going anywhere without the camera, I spent an extra 15 minutes to capture the scenery. Enjoy ;)

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