Jun 15, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: Dinner place

Another week, another "challenge" from Everyday life. And this one was a bit harder (or at least I thought so). My kitchen (where we eat most of our meals) is a small and boring room. And there is no way I'm going to post any pictures of it's current state, as "messy" as it is.

It's not as bad as it sounds. But when a room is small, it's not difficult to make it look crowded and messy.

So, I decided to post four pictures to complete this challenge. First of all; My (our) life spins around the little boy on two of these photos. Readers of my blog will know this is our two-year old son Sebastian. And eating with him is quite entertaining at times. There are of course, days where feeding him is more of a "fight" and not of joy. But I prefer not to focus on those rare occasions ;).

Giving him something new to explore and eat is really interesting. To watch him try it out in different ways, tasting bits and pieces is almost educational. And I try to remember the first time I tasted something new, and how I reacted.

The two pictures with Sebastian will give a hint of the kitchen layout and size. The main feature is a ball of glass hanging in the kitchen window, and I often look at it when I want to let my thoughts wander off (when Sebastian is somewhere else).

The last photo is not taken from the kitchen, but from right outside the kitchen window. And this is how some of our sunsets are. In the winter, we have the sunset right around dinnertime. But if we were to wait for sunset in summertime..... Well, let's just say the sun hasn't set just yet (and it is past 10PM here)

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