Jun 21, 2010

A nice surprise.

We've been living in Bergen for 17 years now, and we still find new places to go and things to do.

Sunday was a beautiful day, and we wanted to just be a family and enjoy the summer feeling. But we weren't quite sure where we wanted to take Luna for a walk. We felt we had been "everywhere" so many times before. Then my wife read an article regarding "Bergen's best", were everyone is welcome to vote for Bergen's best. There are to many things to mention here. But one of them were "best area for a family walk/picnic/get out and play", and we discovered we hadn't even heard of some of the places on the list.

So we decided to pack the dog, the kid, something to drink and my camera, and head of to the place called "Smøråsen", which happen to be less than 20 minutes away by car. We were in for a pleasant surprise. The area was close enough for kids, and remote enough to get away from the city noise. The parking area was filled with cars and we feared we would be walking in a queue. But the area was big enough to hide in. After we had walked the initial 4-500 meters, the path split into many and we could suddenly walk alone (almost). At least it felt ok.

There are a few more shots Sebastian in his album ;)

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