Jun 22, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: Wheels in my life

I guess I should continue on the path I began in my previous contribution to the Everyday life project. To post photos of real every day life.

And when it comes to wheels, well our 2-year old play a major part (surprised?). Although we tried to buy our boy some rather neutral toys, we soon gave up. no matter what he got in his hand he said; "brooom", and pushed it around as a vehicle.

Now, there are cars, trucks, buses and trains everywhere. Small and large. So what is more natural to state as "wheels in my everyday life" than the wheels on my child's toys? her represented by "'Mater" from Cars, one of Sebastian's outdoor cars, and his brand new tricycle (A birthday present for his upcoming birthday).

I've also taken the liberty to add a photo from a previous post. This is from "Vårsleppet", a gathering of oldsmobiles where he really had the time of his life.

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