May 24, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world

Theme: A tree in my village/town.

This seemed like an easy task, yes? But, No. Not so. Living in Bergen, we're surrounded by trees. And picking out "A tree" is like selecting a straw from the haystack :)

Even just outside my door, there is a hillside full of trees. Do you see my problem with the theme at hand. I thought I had to find a special tree for this post, and while I was walking the dog I passed this tree. Not far from my own home, but special enough to make it to the post.

Unfortunately, the tree here is not blooming just yet. But I captured it last summer. The angle of the shot is a bit off, but I did not want to capture the parking-lot and all the cars on it.

And that's why the main feature of this post is a close-up of the pretty flowers, and not the tree itself :)

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