Apr 12, 2010

6th and 6th

I was reading one of my dailies when I came over the following challenge from Zhivago, through Bildebloggen.

The challenge was simple enough: Go to your 6th image folder on your hard drive, and locate your 6th image. I wasn't quite sure where to begin, so I loaded my lightroom application and counted 6 in my library listing and found the 6th photo within that album.

I have to say I feared the worst when I looked at the time-stamp of the album and photo. It was taken back in May of 2008, just a few weeks after I acquired my DigitalSLR. And really didn't know what I was doing at that point. The photo is not the worst I've taken, but I will say this, I have learned a lot about exposure techniques since then ;)

Are you up to the challenge? Whay not go through your archives and see what you find. let me know what you find ;)

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