Apr 11, 2010

I love Spring!

Another weekend is almost over, and it is certainly over for Sebastian. He's just fallen asleep after what we believe must have been an eventful weekend for him. We can usually tell by the way he sings himself to sleep, and talking about the things he has experienced. Not in a coherent way, of course. But when you sit and listen to him, you hear him utter words about mom, dad, car, flower, sea, bird, food, dog and other things we have met during the day.

So what have we done this weekend, different from previous weekends? Well, for a starter, the sun has been out all day Saturday and Sunday. And this weekend was the first weekend the sun has really warmed up the air during the day. We put all our chores on hold when we got a call from some friends of ours, and they asked us if we wanted to join them for an afternoon at the "beach". The beach is nothing more than a 100 meter of strip with sand and stones, but this beach is located at the Arboretum of Bergen and there is a lot to see there.

We all brought something for the trip; rolls, pizza-swirls, muffins, sausages to grill and drinks. The kids were having a blast by the sea and in the forest. And all of them ate well ;) Dad couldn't just leave his camera at home, so here are a few shots from the event. A few more is uploaded to Sebastian's album.

Today started just as good as yesterday ended, but we had to some gardening today. After a long walk with Luna and Sebastian (including some food and playtime in the park), we came home and started the first round of spring-cleaning in the garden. And while mom and dad were busy trimming the plum trees, trimming the hedge (many more to go) and cleaning the flowerbeds, Sebastian had a great time running back and forth and having fun with Luna.

We have also allowed Sebastian to go out on the front porch, where he has a ball and a car he can sit on. This is apparently really fun, so fun he forgets he is both hungry or thirsty.

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