Apr 26, 2010

In the fire-brigade for a day...

I can't believe two two weeks has gone by without any posts to the blog. What can I say? It's been busy. We both have busy jobs, and when we're not working we try to make the best of the time we have with Sebastian. With or without the camera. Obviously it's been more without lately :(

Well, It hasn't been all that quiet, but some of the stuff I've "posted" to the photo site has been more of the private kind. And it would probably have been boring to the rest of you. The Family however; they loved it.

But now I feel it's time to share some of our moments with the rest of you as well. As I said, we've been busy. Grandparents have been visiting the past two weekends, and Sebastian has really shown them why he should be their favorite.

He charmed Farfar the other day by grabbing his finger, pulling it, and saying: "book". Meaning he wanted Farfar to read to him. He also wanted them to join in on the fun outside, playing with the "car". Both grandparents seemed worn out by the time we put Sebastian to bed. being a full-time Grand-pa/ma is obviously very hard :)

Sunday, we had some help in entertaining Jr. A friend of ours works for an oil company that handles transportation/storage of natural gas, oil etc, so they basically have their own on-base fire department. Sunday was "family day", and we were invited ;) (Thank You!)

Sebastian was really exited, and forgot all about eating and sleeping.... He had the time of his life (so far). He got to ride in a fire truck, and sit in the drivers seat (BaBu!). We all got to see how they put out fires in different situations, and the children even got to try it out for themselves. Sebastian was a bit to young to participate, but he loved watching.

They also have a special foam which is used to put out fires. And after a small demonstration, they released it for the children to play with. Boy was that a big hit: "Bobul!" (which is his word for bubble).

There are more photos of the fun in Sebastian's album :)

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