Sep 11, 2009

Red, Green (and Blue)

Time to talk about Sebastian again. I've been writing a lot about the here and now situation when posting on the blog, and forgetting to tell you about what's going on with Jr. in terms of development.

He is thriving at the day care center, and they refer to him as Mr. Smiley. It is really good to hear from other adults that he is behaving the same way as he does with us when he is away from us. At home however, we are starting to see changes in his mood and behavior. Not in bad way, but he is really starting to stretch and test limits as children are supposed to do. This all happened during the period he was sick, and it took us a day or two to realize the difference between discomfort cries and cries of "I want it my way".

As soon as we discovered we were being played, mom and dad had a little discussion on how to handle this new behavior. And we're hoping our strategy will pay off. Our strategy? Well, we believe there will be thousands of fights in the next years and we need to decide on which fights are worth fighting. As an example, does it matter which toy he plays with as long as he is not wrecking our remote to the TV? No.

He doesn't want to eat dinner unless he holds his own spoon. That's ok, he'll have to eat by himself eventually, so why not encourage him to move the spoon (actually we tricked him by using a fork, it's less messy that way) in the right motion from the tray to the mouth. And not dipping it in the dinner and then wave it all over the place :)

Sebastian has also been through a rough period with swollen gums, and we expect teeth to be popping out any time soon now. He's already gotten 8 of them. 4 on the upper and 4 at the bottom, and it seems he starting to get the idea of putting the to use whenever he needs to chew on something.

After reading all of this, you might wonder about the selection of photos for this post. Believe me, they are not random, they are inspired by Sebastian's choices.

We have discovered his preference of colors. Whenever he gets a new set of toys, if there is a green and or a red part/piece. He'll go straight for those two colors. It doesn't matter if it's cars, cups, cubes or other things. He'll grab the red and green. Inspired by it, I added the blue and tested my tri-mount and zoom lens. I also added some external lighting (this is indoors, no flash = long exposure) to get different effects in the shots.

Hmmm... This sure turned out to be a big post. maybe I should try to write a bit more often. If only I had more time... Ooops... Guess who just woke from his morning nap. Time to play, time to eat. Have fun, and come back soon :)

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