Sep 11, 2009

Finally, Friday!

It's been a long week in Midtunlia. Mom was not fully recovered, but decided to start working on Monday. Sebastian was in no shape to go to the day care, and dad stayed home with the sick boy.

Tuesday, Sebastian was better, at least good enough to go to the day care center. Thankful for his quick recovery, dad had business in Oslo to attend to and left straight after dropping of boy and mom. As I had to spend the night, mom had to take care of Sebastian herself.

As they both hadn't fully recovered from the flu, they were both pooped by the time I got back home. Thursday and Friday have passed by fairly uneventful, but we're still exhausted from the previous week with fever and sneezing. And Sebastian has been a bit "grumpy" in the evening.

We're all thankful for the week-end at hand. We have no special plans, and we're going to relax as much as possible (Except for having some visitors over on Saturday).

Once again the hobby must make way for the daily chores. But I got to take a few pictures the other day, when taking Luna for a walk.

So I leave you for now, with two shots of a rose hip and the best wishes for the week-end.

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