Sep 15, 2009


The autumn hasn't shown itself from the best side this year, weather wise that is. So when then sun broke out this week-end, we put all chores on hold and got outside. For the first time we made a trip to "Gamlehaugen". Not a big deal, we drive past the place every day to and from work. But we haven't been there at all in the 15 years we've been living in Bergen. It was about time!

We brought Sebastian and Luna with us on a nice Sunday walk. With such a nice weather, I also had to bring the camera. Unfortunately for me, the sun was to bright (or in the wrong spot) to get the pictures I wanted. But at least I've been there now, and know what to look for when the sun is in a more favorable position.

An exception to this is the picture of the "tree on fire". You'll see what I mean. That one turned out pretty good :)

In addition to these photos, there are three new photos in Sebastian's album.

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