Sep 4, 2009

A quick family update (mostly for the fam)

Not much activity on the blog this week, but it has been one of "those" weeks this week.

Mom caught a cold last weekend, and have been home most of the week. Sebastian caught the same cold (we hope it is the same, and not a new one) on Wednesday, and have been miserable for the last 48 hours. With both mom and baby knocked out, there isn't really time for anything else.

Mormor has volunteered to help us this weekend, and she arrived yesterday. Hopefully, this will give dad time to work, mom time to sleep and the baby all the comfort he needs.

I really feel sorry for the boy, he is scared and does not quite know what's going on. As we grow, we learn to communicate our discomforts by talking or pointing. But this little boy has no way of actually telling us where it really hurts. We can only guess what he's trying to tell us by crying, and try to get him to eat and/or drink (a lot).

We're hoping for a quick recovery, and I hope I can stay clear of it. At least until mom has recovered from it. So, sorry folks, there will be no pictures this week/week-end.

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