Sep 6, 2009

Stag night

Saturday was the second stag night I arranged in 6 months. Eirik is a close friend of me, and Terje's brother (It was Terje's Stag night I arranged in January). I am honored they both chose me as their best man.

As both Helen and Sebastian are sick, I was not really sure how things would turn out. But thanks (many thanks) to Mormor, I could spend yesterday away from home without worrying about things at home.

The day was a success, as far as I am concerned. The groom to be, and many of his friends had a good time at the shooting range before we headed home to Terje to eat and drink. We started at noon, and kept on going to 2am. By then we were way tired, and all had more than enough to eat/drink.

Busy as I was I forgot the camera at home, and I only got a few pictures at the party. But for those of you who joined us yesterday, check out the "A collection of friends" album in Picasa (by invitation only).

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