Aug 29, 2009

Roses... again...

Here are two images of a rose, I shot the other day. I thought it was about time I tested my tri-pod, and I wanted see the difference between a short and long exposure (and different f-stop) on a subject.

Et first, this might seem easy enough to do with a handheld shot in the sun. But the tricky part for me here is the distance to rose. The pictures here are taken at 270mm, and it is really hard to hold your camera still on full zoom. Enter the pri-pod.

The top left picture has a 6.3 f-stop (my maximum at this focal length). And the bottom right is at f/13. I prefer the last rose.

You can see the whole rose and every detail of everything on it. The trade of is however, the "disturbance in the background. You get to much detail of what is behind the rose. Believe me, the version you see here is "a bit" edited from the original. I have tried to darken the background as much as possible, without ruining the rose.

The background is more subtle in the first picture, but the rose isn't as sharp/crisp as I would have liked it to be. You make up your own mind, of course :)

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