Aug 29, 2009

More oil and water

Here is my new desktop background.
I had five minutes on Friday afternoon. We had just arrived at the house after work, and picking up Sebastian. Then, suddenly, the rainy clouds gave way to a eager sun. I grabbed the camera and the tripod, and tried my very best to get a few good shots.

I actually think I like one of the smaller pictures the best, but they do not fill the screen in the same way :)

What I really like about these pictures, is how the sun reflects in the water. And you can see it multiple times too. It gives a really shiny impression. I do not think I could have recreated this indoors.

Ding, dang! As I am typing this, I am actually missing out on the best rain ever... It is absolutely pouring down, and the sun is out at the same time. That would make a nice shot or two, but alas, the camera is to far away. Maybe next time.

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