Aug 29, 2009

A day with dad

Mom was of to a bachelorette party today, and Sebastian and I had most of the day to ourselves. We did not really have a plan for the day, so when a friend called and asked if we wanted to join them* for a walk (*other men who also had their wife, or wife to be at the same party) we couldn't say no. I know it was pouring, but Luna had to have her walk anyway.

After the walk, we met with the party for a quick feeding (the bachelorette's baby was hungry :) near the indoor water park they were all going to. Sebastian and I then went back home to play, eat and sleep.

It was easy to tell it had been a long and hard day for the little boy, as he fell asleep almost immediately. I took some pictures of Sebastian today, and uploaded them to Picasa while I waited for him to fall asleep. Clicking the picture will take you there.

Having a day like this was really fun. I actually miss the days of paternity leave. During the normal workweek, we feel like we miss out of something. But today felt good and right, and I felt like bonding with our son. Loved every rainy second of it :)

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