Aug 10, 2009

A funny boy!

I don't think I was prepared for how the day went at the day care today. I was prepared for some crying, as I proved right the second I put him on the floor at the day care. But as soon as someone started to play with a big (compared to Sebastian) truck, he was smiling again and uttering *vroooom, vrooom*. When I, after a few minutes of talking to the care taker, said: "Bye bye Sebatian, see you later". He gave me an expression no-one could have prepared me for. It was as he said: What are you still doing here??? And with that in mind, I left for work, laughing to myself.

Picking him up was also funny. He smiled like ten suns when he recognized our voices and faces, and immediately reach out for us to pick him up. Mom and dad had a few questions for the care taker, and stayed for a few minutes. During this Sebastian streached for mom, for dad, mom agein, dad again, and then (again something we did not prepare for) for us to put him back down on the ground. He wanted to continue playing with his new friend in the play house (this being one of the other kids).

Lagughing and relieved, we drove home. There is no doubt in our minds, Sebastian is having a good time at the day care center (So far :)

PS: Thank you Mom, for this nice picture taken a few days ago :)

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