Aug 6, 2009

Day 4, the first "real" test at the day care center

Just going to celebrate my 300th post by writing a few words about Sebastian's 4th at the day care center. This was his first real day with some time alone there. We left him at the day care about 8ish, and said our good byes. He had long eyes, and looked very hard at us. Then the care taker said something, and he sped off into the room before we had left the building.

At about 10ish we got a status report form the care taker on sms. He had just fallen asleep, without putting up a fight (this was our biggest concern).

When we picked him up at 1230, he was smiling and playing with a big ball. Sebastian had been in a good mood throughout the stay, eaten when he was served food and drinking a lot of water. One of the kids who is starting next week dropped by to say hi, and the two of the hit it off immediately. Kids at that age don't really play with each other, but they looked at each other, each studying the other and then played along side by side.

Tomorrow we're both going to work, and he'll spend the whole day there (though we'll try to come home a bit early since it's Friday). But we have a good feeling about it all, and we'll be surprised if it does not go well.

We never considered this kind of day care center before, but we're really happy about how things are turning out.

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