Aug 5, 2009


Sometimes, when I am walking around with my camera, all I do is looking for something to shoot at. As it happens, I also return back home with a empty memory card. It's not easy, trying to find something new, or a new way to picture something. It's all been done before, even the shots in this post. These are just "blogfillers" as I would call them, but they have a tiny story and a challenge hidden within :)

The sky you see on the main picture, is not just the sky. It's actually the front of my car, reflecting the sky. This is revealed when you pull back a bit (second shot). I discovered the reflections one afternoon, when I returned from a walk and with a empty memory card in the camera. it turned out to be great fun, trying to get the best angle and reflection. :)

Now; Here is the challenge to other bloggers who might happen to read this post. Go out there, and capture reflections everywhere. Post them on your blog, link the post back to me and leave a comment on this post. I'll go out and try to do better of course, this was just an example of a reflection.

It is not a competition and there is no prize to win, it's just a challenge, if you're up to it. :)

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