Aug 8, 2009

The "Man" in the mirror....

Here he is, admiring himself. It was very amusing to watch him play with the mirror doors in the bedroom. He has been playing with them before, but only because they move from side to side. The other day, he discovered himself in the mirror (I suspect he's been aware of movements "on the other side" before, but he hasn't realized it is himself). It was a difficult environment to take pictures, but I got a few good ones and have uploaded them to the Sebastian album. He was very fascinated by a bottle in the mirror, and tried to hit it with the one he held in his own hand.

Oh, by the way, Friday was Sebastian's first whole day at the day care. He smiled as we walked in the door, smiled through the day, and smiled when we picked him up. He had been a joy to look after according to the caretaker. Boy are we relived! We've heard so many horror storied, and it all turned out to be nothing. We know we've been lucky, and are counting our blessings :)

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