Jul 19, 2009

A year and a week....

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since the previous post already? An I haven't even found the time to update Sebastian's own page. Shame on me.

Well, the reason for this is simple. We've been busy busy busy :)

Saturday, one week ago, we celebrated Sebastian's birthday with some close friends of ours. We had had a proper children's party with hot dogs and cake. Everybody loved it (The weather was on our side, and we spent most of the time on the terrace). On Monday, Sebastian's actual birthday, we had more visitors (some who couldn't come Saturday) and more cake.

On Wednesday, Sebastian and I flew to Stavanger to visit grandparents and give mom some well deserved time of. We stayed two night with Farfar, and one night at Farmor's cabin. Mormor dropped by to drop of a present, and to spend some time with her grandson.

While we stayed at Farfar's we took Sebastian to his first "concert". It was a free venue at Bjergsted concert hall. As it turns out, they have a free concert every day through July this year. Farfar wanted to take Sebastian with him as he new one of the singers who preformed Thursday. Sebastian was very well behaved, and loved it when everybody clapped their hands at the end of every song. He also got to go backstage to meet with the crew after the concert.

Daddy brought his camera (well dUh!), and will post some pictures in the near future (once I have the time to go through the "pile" of RAW's on my computer :)

We returned to Bergen yesterday, and Mom was very pleased to see her boys back home. Sebastian was very tired and happy after the exiting trip, and had a lot to talk about to mom when he got home.

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