Apr 2, 2009

On the road, again...

I hope this is the last work trip for a while. It's not fun to stay overnight away from your family as often as I sometimes do. We're trying to coordinate things at work to minimize the amount of travel, but when the "s... hits the fan" somebody has to clean up. And this time, I was the designated "somebody". As you all know; work brought me to Oslo last week, and this week was no different. Actually, I could have stayed Thursday -> Wednesday to complete the project, but I insisted on staying home for the week-end. I've been working around the clock for a few days, and there hasn't been much family time the last week. It felt like I might as well just have stayed it Oslo. (I know this isn't true, but it felt like it). The project I was suddenly assigned to is coming to an end (as the cleaning was successful) this week. I am really looking forward to a nice and quiet Easter with mom and baby!

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