Mar 21, 2009

Good Morning :)

Isn't this the most wonderful face to meet in the morning. Tonight was a "freak-night". Sebastian was dead tired last night when we put him to bed at his usual 18:30, but we feared the worst when he woke up already at 19. This, however, was just a scare. We did not have to talk to him, he fell a sleep all by him self a few minutes later. He then slept through the night until 5:30! We haven't had a night like this since before he was born. Daddy tucked in Sebastian, and he slept another hour. At 6:30 it was time for breakfast as usual. When I went to pick him up, this is what waited for me in his crib. Can you see how happy he was this morning? After sleeping all night. We hope he'll learn from this experience, and sleep well in the future. But as I said, I fear it was a freak night and just a tease. I guess will know tomorrow :)

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