Mar 22, 2009


Here is a shot of all the wonderful gifts Sebastian got yesterday. A really cool picture for the bedroom wall, a few books with something for mom and dad to read to him, more clothes to grow into, a Peter Rabbit set of cutlery and a plastic cup and plate to practice with.

We were a bit worried about how Sebastian would react to so many people in the same room, but he did well. We could easily tell he was a bit overwhelmed after a while. This is when the pacifier and daddy's arm came in handy. That was his safe spot for the rest of the evening (alternating with mommy's arms of course. They are even better for comforting :)

We invited everyone over for something to eat and drink at 4pm, just in case he was going to be difficult to get to bed. But that was unnecessary. After all the attention he almost fell asleep with his bottle, and had no problems sleeping at all. All the noise woke him a few times, but he soon fell asleep again, once assured either mom or dad was nearby.

The night however, was nothing like the night before. We're back to the waking up ever half-hour from 3-730. He's also been a bit cranky today, and we suspect some tummy aches. A good thing we have an appointment with a pediatrician tomorrow.

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