Feb 22, 2009

Sleeping beauty (the morning after)

There is always a first something. And today was his first morning waking up in his own room. Sebastian seemed refreshed and ready for his next adventure (whatever that might be), and gave us a big smile in the morning. 

He was at his usual the night before, and put up his little (I believe symbolic) fight before he fell asleep. The night wasn't bad at all; He woke up at his usual intervals (10ish, 1ish, 5ish and 7:30) but did not need much comforting (he was a little confused by his surroundings). We might have been giving him a bit more service than usual tonight, so we'll have something to work on once we're comfortable he is accustomed to his new room (which we figure won't take too long, if he'll keep up last night's pattern). 

I had a few words with mom at 8, before sending her of for 2 more hours of sleep. And she seemed very happy. I think she was worried about last night, but was relived of the outcome. Both baby and mother had slept very well once asleep, not disturbing one another.

Right now, Sebastian is having his morning nap in the bedroom. And soon it will be time to wake up mom, have second breakfast and have some more fun.

Stay tuned for more updates ;)

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