Feb 21, 2009

Sleeping beauty, a follow up :)

We've had some bad nights, and some good nights (bad nights = Sebastian waking us every45-60 minutes, good nights = Sebastian waking up about 1 just to fall asleep by himself, then again about 4.30 for some food and than about 7ish for more food and morning). But lately we've had more good nights than bad, and we have decided that it is time.....

... time to move Sebastian into his new room.

This is certainly a strange day. I don't know why, and I can't explain why. But it feels weird to move him out of our bedroom, and into his own room. I guess I'm just used to have his bed next to ours, and to be sleeping most of the time in the spare bedroom.

But, today is the day. I've installed the last curtains, and we've carried the bed downstairs. We both had the same weird feeling.... And when it was Sebastian's turn to sleep again, he was certainly a bit harder to put to sleep. But with mommy by his side, he gave up at last and fell asleep by himself. Waking up he shouted for us as always, and gave us a really big smile when we picked him up. A really good sign :)

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