Feb 18, 2009

And now for something completley different!

"For those about to Rock! ..."

Wow, what a concert! AC DC really knows how to rock the world. This is one of the best concerts ever. I am torn between this, a Springsteen concert and the previous Depeche Mode concert. But it is too hard, they are good, but so different.

This was the first concert in the brand new "Telenor Arena" on Fornebu. I must admit I was a bit worried about the sound quality, since this was an indoor concert in what is supposed to be a soccer-arena. But as soon as the band hit the first note my worries were gone. This was a superb location for such a concert. This was also AC DC's first concert on the European leg, so if you happen to have a ticket for any of the concerts left on the tour.... 

"...We salute You!"

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