Feb 23, 2009

Sleeping beauty, or not?

As mentioned before, Sebastian's first night in his bedroom went just fine. We think he might have been gathering strength for the fight he was about to start. He really did not want to sleep in his new room the following day, and we had to use every trick in the book to make him go to sleep. The second night was not much better. He woke up every hour just to make sure we were somewhere near. We (Or since I had to work Monday, I mean my wife) did not have to see to him every time he woke up, but very often.

As I am writing this post, he is about to go to bed for the third night. He is not as angry today, but he still has to protest a bit. He is really tired, and we are crossing our fingers. Later Daddy is going to take his turn in the spare bedroom for a few hours, so Mommy can catch up with some sleep.

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