Feb 5, 2009


I really wonder how much a baby remembers from their early days. I've heard people say they remember a lot, but personally I don't think I have single memory from the first years. 

I have a few memories from when I was three, maybe four. But I don't have any really clear memories from before I was 5- years old. I do have a few emotions and what I believe to be reproduced memories based on what I have been told over and over again over the years.
I am not sure I can tell the genuine memories from the re-told ones. And I am also confused whether they are just retold, or whether the memory is real but triggered by outer influence (such as pictures, smells, happenings and other events).

I am writing this bizarre post because I drove behind a VW-Beetle with AA license plates the other day, and a rush of memories attached to our first car flowed through my brain. For everybody except my parents: The first car I remember we had was a VWB with AA plates (It was a brand new model of course, and not the original my parents drove back in the 70's). 

I'll have to ask Sebastian about this when he grows up.

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