Feb 1, 2009

A day by the lake, part 2 (the root)

Here is a nice root next to the water line. I've been waiting for several months for the waterlevel to be just right for this shot. The lake is regulated, and the root is usually under water, or very far from the waterline. But to be honest, I got a litle disaponted with the results. The angle is not too bad, but I could have paid more attention to where I put the root in the frame. I know I could rectify this by cropping, but I am trying to learn how not to always rely on cropping.
I also realized these shots were to dark, and had to adjust the exposiure in lightroom. I really need a camera-mount to take shots like this, only with longer shutterspeed than "100". 
I was really hoping for more details in the pictures, because the root is really full of nice features of moss, snow and "aging" marks.

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