Jan 31, 2009

A day by the lake, part 1 (the bridge)

If there is one thing I miss doing after Sebastian was born, it is to take Luna for a walk and bring the camera. I’m always on the look out for objectives and angles to challenge. Last Sunday was a beautiful day, so I brought Luna, my wife and Sebastian to the lake. Since the weather in Bergen has been a bit bad lately, it seemed like the whole town was at the lake to enjoy a few sunrays this day. Finding a place where I could take a picture without to many disturbances prooved a difficult task. This bridge was just emptied when I got a few seconds to try to take the picture. Unfortunately I did not see the baby carriage to the left here. But I’m still satisfied with the result in black and white. I’ll have to go back some day to take a clean shot of course, and maybe I’ll try to shoot in the other direction too.

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