Feb 8, 2009

Picasa update about the "sleeping" beauty...

Sebastian 6-12 months
Here is another Picasa update for you :) I can't say I see the day-to-day difference, but looking at pictures from just one month back really shows how much he is changing all the time. This time I have selected a non-flattering cover image. This is Sebastian when he is flustered by something (like in this shot, he is really getting tired of playing on his tummy). So far, I've only been taking pictures of a happy boy, but as a friend of my said; The really good shots are of children in action (crying, laughing, sleeping or just very occupied by something). It is in these shots you really see all the features in the children. So I'll do just that, I'll just wait for the next tantrum (fortunately for us, they are far apart :)

Now; for the "sleeping" beauty. Sebastian has been keeping us (especially mom) awake for many nights the past 7 months, and I think we're about to reach a point where we have to take our night-time back in our own hands. It's only natural that we have been tending to Sebastian's every need during his colic, but we have not been very good at realizing all the things he has "tought us". We have just bought a book called "Sov godt" by Karin Naphaug (web page - norwegian), and it is full of all the questions and answers we've been looking for. And the best part? She makes sense :).

We have now decided on a plan on how to get our nights back:
1. We are going to teach Sebastian to fall asleep by himself (not being in the room all the time, but comfort him when he cries)
2. We are going to teach him to sleep without his pacifier, or teach him how to find it himself (We are to tired of doing it for him every 30-45 minutes during the night).
3. When we feel he masters 1. and 2. fairly well, we are ready to move him into his own room. (hopefully he won't wake us, or we him).

1. and 2. is well under way, and since we've started being firm about this, he has gradually gotten easier to put to sleep, and is not waking up as often as before. We still have a way to go, and there will be setbacks. but it feels so good to be doing something, and see the results within a few days. Stay tuned to the story of sleeping beauty :)

Ps: Don't forget to check out Sebastian's "own" page It is a collection of highlights in his life, and the best photos :)

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