Jan 27, 2009

Sleeping Beauty? (Part 2)

Falling asleep: Sebastian is still not a sleeping beauty, but he is certainly getting better. Creating a very strict routine before bedtime has proved valuable, but just the slightest change in it makes the process a lot harder.

Sleeping: After a few weeks of gradually introducing porridge has finally ended in serving him a full portion before bedtime. I am glad to tell you this has improved his way of sleeping. He doesn't always wake up every 25 minutes or so, he now sleeps 4-5 hours (1-2am) before trying to wake up. 

Staying a sleep: he still dependes on his pacifier at night. If we give it to him when he wakes up, he usually goes back to sleep immediately. But if we wait to long, he can get really mad and wake the whole house. So if anyone has any idea how to cope with this challenge, pleas let me know :)

Feeding at night: We have successfully reduced his feedings from 2 to 1 every night. He no longer feeds at 1-2 am, but he is fed at 5-6ish. We're soon going to challenge even this feeding.

Sleeping alone? Not yet, but we have to soon. If we're to get some decent sleep, all of us.

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